House Washing Auckland

Use Roof Painters to maintain your roof with a pressure wash! We have the safety gear so that you don’t have to risk your life up on a slippery wet roof. While we are up there we clean all unhealthy mould, lichen and moss from your roof.  We even clear the gutters of leaves and debris. We also can perform a total wash for your home or place of business. This is the best way to prepare a building or roof for painting. We are professional House Washing Auckland tradesman!
We DO NOT use high pressure on paint work and walls as it is too abrasive! We believe the use of high pressure cleaners on the walls and paint work of your home can result in more harm than good. That is why we only use the high pressure cleaners on roofs, cement and flooring areas. When performing a house wash we use cleaning solutions and a medium pressure clean to walls, windows, doors that are painted.  This results in a more gentle clean which leaves your paint surfaces free from damage.
Our highly efficient machinces perform in any situation, from residential to heavy-duty industrial or commercial buildings. We offer the most affordable Water Blasting Services in Auckland!

We use cleaners designed not only to clean, but to deter future mildew growth. We offer a FREE mould treatment with all external house washes. Our cleaning solution sanitises all surfaces and kills microscopic mould spores, which is essential for hygiene and beneficial to asthmatics.

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