ROOF PAINTING Auckland – 10 Year Guarantee

roof painting aucklandWe are Auckland’s master roof painters. Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements. Rain, frost, and the harsh Auckland sun will test your roof and it’s coating. Years of neglect will leave your roof tired and flaky or chalky, this can lead to corrosion, cracking and leaking! To protect you and your family you need a company who really has the experience to restore your roof’s protective coating.

Not all roofs are the same! There are some roof types that can dent and break if not properly traversed. We have trained professionals who know how to walk correctly over your roof type. You will be happy to know that your roof is sound and is backed by our 10 year guarantee! (See conditions).

Roof Safety

Safety while up on a roof is paramount! Please don’t risk your or your loved ones lives by trying to scale your roof. All it takes is one false step could result in serious injury or even death. Also OSH can land you with a hefty bill for not having the correct safety measures put into place. Rather than take that chance rely on the professionals at Roof Painters. We are Roof Painting Auckland!

We know our products

We use the very best premium products in order to give your roof longevity of life which will save you time and money in the future! Don’t wait too long and then have to pay for a complete re-roof! Premium products stop your roof from corroding and cracking. We only use premium paint from Resene, Dulux and Wattyl. There are many different paint systems that we use according to the surface and sheen requirements.

Let us help you with colours!

It’s a really hard thing to choose a colour that compliments your home or business. Let Roof Painters Auckland help with this process. We have seen hundreds of homes and businesses so are qualified to make suggestions on popular colour choices. There are other things to think about; heat is one. A dark roof coloured can make your building a few degrees hotter than a light coloured roof. Also the coatings on dark roofs break down faster than light. All these details are something that Roof Painters Auckland will be pleased to help you with!